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The FIFINE K670 USB best gaming microphone setup is just a matter of plugging into your Mac or windows pc. very good on podcast live streaming video call and recording for professional YouTube video or any other kind of recording NOIP and much more work and recording. It has high-speed USB which length up to 6.56 feet

You do not require an external sound can mix it easiest to sound. The FIFINE K670 is particularly good for video voiceover podcast YouTube video, Skype conference,

without loss double shielding USB cable reduces.



product Description:

FIFINE k670 USB microphone, best gaming microphone is the best for YouTube, and pc microphone for recording, streaming games on Twitch and podcasting for YouTube, Skype, 50Hz-15KHz, 16mm flat frequency response. and has many other advantages described below…

high-quality sound capture:

best gaming microphone has a diaphragm condenser that can mix high-quality sound capture with the ease of plug and play USB connectivity on your Mac and Windows computer.

best streaming performance:

This gaming microphone has the great ability to communicate with other team players while playing the game or other works that you want to talk with other people on streaming communicate platform.

3.5 headphone jack:

best gaming microphone another advantageous feature is 3.5 headphone jack, that helps you listen to what you are recording in real time, latency days.

volume control system:

This FIFINE k670 best gaming microphone has a volume control system that helps you about input level adjustment. The vocal microphone comes with low profile design and detachable metal construction desktop stand and this feature ensure you flexibility and portability. This microphone works great with the audio city, sound forge, Skype, push-to-talk VoIP program.



best for gaming:

It is the best microphone for streaming on gaming. because When you communicate with another gamer during the game this microphone makes the experience more exciting and real. As a team player, you will not succeed for a long time when you do not clearly conversation with your team during the game. So eBay you must need an effective microphone that can make it easy to connect you with other people during the game running.

very good for the streaming

best microphone for YouTube:

The FIFINE k670 is the best microphone for YouTube on the low budget. Because this microphone can cover best and high-quality sound when you recording. that help you to make the best video for your YouTube channel with good sound quality.

Product information:

Power Supply: ————————-5V

Polar Pattern: ————————-Uni-directional

Frequency Response:—————-50Hz-15KHz

Sensitivity: —————————–46±3dB(at 1kHz)

Output Impedance: —————–2200Ω

Equivalent Noise Level:————-66dB-A

Max.SPL: ———-=——————-120dB(at 1kHz≤1% T.H.D)

S/N Ratio: —————————–66dB

Operating Current: —————–13mA ± 2mA

Standout features:

  1. Plug and play layout
  2. Works from 3 to 5 inches away from you
  3. Sturdy USB cable connection
  4. Flexible for most recording applications

Frequently ask and question:

Can I use it on my iPhone?


Is it really good for professional recording and podcasting?


Does it fit with any kind f regular mic stand?

Yes. It does.

Is the sound pick up unidirectional or omnidirectional?

It is a unidirectional microphone.

Is the microphone metal?


Can I use this microphone on any kind of laptop?

Yes. Because it has a USB adapter.

How long is the USB cable?

It is around 6.5 feet long.

Is this microphone good for recording music?

Yes. It’s more suitable for vocal.

Does this microphone work with play station console?


Can I use a headphone?


Is this microphone good for making cover videos?

Yes. It’s very good for recording cover videos.

Can I connect a microphone with a boom arm?


Does this microphones record in cardioids?


Is the microphone good for any kind of streaming?

Yes, it is work perfectly for your streaming.

Can I attach a pop filter?


Can I plug in a headset at the same time?


Does this microphone work with android by OTG cable?


Is there has a knob to control the mic gain?


Include in the box:

  1. mic with the pivot mount.
  2. adjustable desk stand(included 3 detachable stand tube heighten from 1.97” to 4.65”).
  3. USB cable A-male to B male.
  4. 5/8” male to 3/8” female adapter.
  5. user’s manual
in the box

why should you buy:

The audio quality of this microphone produce is really good. Its recorded sound is very good and this microphone is long durable. Its stand is heavy duty stable. and have many other advantages given below

cheapest price:

This microphone gives you a great recording experience within low price it starts only under 50USD on Amazon. So I think this is a great deal, and I also think that not wanting to spend 130 USD for a high demandable some think, like the blue yeti.

Build quality:

Build of this microphone very impressive. It comes with the metal body, the quality of the microphone is crazy good for this price. because it has own built-in sound card and it digitizes before the audio reaches the computer and has any chance of interface.

perfect for streamers, YouTubers, podcaster:

all of the recorded audio by this best gaming microphone is crisp and clear especially if you speak closely, and it can remove background noise. So this mic is especially perfect for streamers, YouTubers, podcaster or any kind of recording that needs simple high-quality sound.

  great alternative for any others expensive mic:

This best gaming microphone is a great alternative for any other expensive mic. Other expensive mics which the price around 130USD that mic has 3 separate recording function. Most only want to use the cardioids feature which the k670 rocks at the much lower price point.


fifine k(670)

So I think its best gaming microphone for high and best quality sound recording at a low price. By purchase these you can enjoy your professional and necessary sound recording without extra money spending.


The company of FIFINE provides their customer 2 years warranty after date of purchases on Amazon. To get this warranty you need to finish the registration within three months purchase on Amazon or their official website. Otherwise, this warranty will be don’t count.

In order to be considered eligible for warranty service, you need to follow the condition below:

  1. The purchase should be made on Amazon, Walmart or their official website.
  2. Retain with care your sales receipt or warranty series code (you will get one after register on their website) as proof of purchase.
  3. Email them to or to help you determine whether your product needs to be sent off and direct you to the necessary actions.

The following cases do not apply for warranty:

  1. Small or normal faults in the quality of a product which do not affect the product’s value or fitness for its noticeable purpose.
  2. Faults resulting from improper use (e.g.1. operating errors, 2.mechanical damage, 3.incorrect operating voltage), storage or maintenance.
  3. All of the damage those are due to wear and tear unauthorized modification or reconstruction.

The rights of the amendment and interpretation of these terms are reserved by Fifine.

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